English Team

English Team

Translating YouTube Videos into English

Our GOAL is to translate 3, 4 videos per month into English

Our team motto is “simple is the best”

English Team is the oldest translation group in the club. We started from here. All club members whose working language is English land here when they join the club. Then, the members who prefer working only on non-video translation and Busshin dictionary move to the non-video and dictionary team, respectively. So here, mostly we translate Osho Taigu’s YouTube video (One Question One Answer) into English.  Our translated videos are uploaded into Busshin Translation YouTube Channel. (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcu7Yxu4xhNMlwEaz18r_PA).

Recent Highlights

To achieve our ambitious goal while building up the team, we have two main gatherings. 1) Translation Workshop 2) Osho Taigu Teachings Study in English. For more details, contact us (translationclub@teramachishinbun.com) 

Translation Workshop (contact Sachiko if you are interested)

Translating is comparable to playing a music instrument. We learn and practice it every day and then we can get better at it. This workshop aims to show how to practice translation. Little by little, we learn and practice how to translate videos in a group (Sangha). We start by learning what video translation is all about. Then we learn how to receive and understand the message (input) and express the received the message in another form (English) by using one Osho Taigu’s video.

Osho Taigu Teachings Study in English (contact Sachiko if you are interested)

We study Osho Taigu Teaching by using Osho Taigu’s books and videos. This will help us understand the content of what we translate and enhance the quality of our work.

Our Members

Aiko san 

Art & English Team

動画作成 by 昌禅

Our Works

July 2021

  1. How to be active throughout your life (https://youtu.be/zbyWPjAlhH8)
  2. By Aiko T. For those who want to get pregnant despite endometriosis (Part 1 of 3) https://youtu.be/dGakIpW1IYY
  3.  By Tanaka Two secrets to change yourself without having your opinion
  4. Principal of Being and Living is Being Sincere
  5. By Aiko T. For those who want to get pregnant despite endometriosis (Part 2 of 3)
  6. 3 group translations are on going.